ZBoard Electric Skateboard Review

Even though there are many electric skateboards available to buy, this doesn’t mean that every one isn’t special in some kind of way.

The ZBoard electronic skateboard looks a lot like a regular board, which means people may not notice at first what is special about this model when you’re using it.

At the same time, this model isn’t the best option if you want a top of the line eboard. However, that doesn’t mean you should write it off. It is still unique and has features that other boards do not have.

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  • 20mph top speed
  • Fast charging


  • Poor customer service
  • Unreliable board

Specifications and Features

ZBoard Electric Skateboard

The manufacturer has recently come out with a revision of the ZBoard, which boasts a lot of upgraded features. Two models are in their new line, including one with a maple deck, and one that is slightly more powerful with a rosewood deck. The maple deck is light brown in color and the rosewood is a red-brown color, which is unique and appealing.

Here are some of the features that seem the most exciting in them.

  • Goes Faster. The upgraded ZBoards are able to go faster than the one described above, traveling up to 20 MPH.
  • Longer Range. Another upgrade is the fact that they can travel up to 16 or 24 miles, depending on which version you get.
  • Faster Charging. Both models are able to be fully charged in less than 5 hours.
  • Powerful Motors. They come standard with 1000 watt brushless motors, which are similar to motors found in many of the top selling brands.
  • Headlights and Taillights. They come with lights on the front and back of the board, which have different modes, including the ability for them to flash. This will improve your visibility at night for drivers.
  • Multiple Handles. There are two handles on the new boards, so they will be comfortable to carry around whether you are left or right handed. Two handles will also allow you to be able to strap your board onto your backpack or another bag and carry it around if you need to.
  • Battery Monitor. There’s a battery monitor on the board, which makes it possible for you to know how much battery is left. This can save you from becoming stranded, which is very important.

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4.7 out of 5 stars

The Good

  • Senses Weight: This board is able to sense your changes in weight and responds to where you are standing on the deck. That means you have to lean in different directions to go forward or backwards, depending on the situation you are in.
  • No remote controller needed. Since the product has these unique foot pads, it doesn’t need a controller to be able to work. However, it does take a bit more time to learn because of the special way you have to ride it. It helps if you have a bit of experience on a skateboard, so the whole process will make more sense to you.
  • Goes 17 MMPH. It’s able to travel up to 17 MPH in optimal conditions, which is quite fast for something that doesn’t weigh much.
  • Can go 5 miles. Although it may take a long time to charge it, it can go up to 5 miles in a single charge. This is far enough for you to go through your neighborhood as much as you want.
  • Portable. This board weighs less than 20 pounds, so it’s highly portable. There’s even a carrying handle for when you need to take it from place to place. This is something that can save you a lot of time, and ensure that you can take it with you wherever you go.

The Bad

  • Size - The fact that it has a dual capacity is really useful. However, it is such a large capacity that it is not suitable for smaller households or families. This is a shame, since many smaller homes would also enjoy the benefit of a dual drum.
  • Unreliable Product: There are a lot of unsatisfied customers who own this board. They describe situations where they took great care with their ZBoards but they didn’t last a long time. Others claim that they never worked for them at all.
  • Poor Customer Service: They also describe trying to get in touch with the company itself and not hearing back. However, the manufacturer is aware of all of these problems and has recently revised their boards, so they are worth looking into a bit further. They have also started to respond to some of their upset customers and a few have received refunds or replacements, depending on the situation. This shows that companies are constantly evolving and changing, especially when they really value you and your business.
  • That is why you should not write them off entirely. Since they know they didn’t get it right the first time, it’s quite admirable that they are trying again to make something that they can be proud of and that people will like.

Is The ZBoard Right For Me?

Best Suited for…

Beginners who want a board that is easy to ride that will be more of a fun toy than something to ride every day or commute with.

Not So Great for…

People who want the best quality board with excellent customer service. There seems to be some issues with the technology, and the company is working on a new and better version.

Other Options

In the meantime, there are many other electronic longboards that can suit your needs and are well liked by their users.

Boosted Board

One of these boards is the electronic skateboard made by Boosted Boards. It’s a very smart machine because it has multiple microprocessors that keep everything working properly. You are also able to go up to 22 mph on the board, and you don’t have to worry about the ride not being secure or comfortable. It’s constructed from high quality materials that are strong, but also have a little give for those tough flat paved roads.

Yuneec EGo​

Another board that is deserving of some serious attention is the Yuneec E-Go. It has features that are suited for many different purposes. Here are some of the majors. It is able to be used for up to 3 solid hours before it needs to be charged, which is also equivalent to around 18 miles in perfect conditions. It’s lightweight, so you can carry it around wherever you need to go, and the battery has a short charge time. Besides that, it comes with a controller that is really easy to use or you can even use your smart phone as a digital controller for it. This cool appliance has brushless motors and is great for use on city streets.

Either one of these boards is a great product for your first eboard, as they have a great mix of technology and function. They are also more widely used than ZBoard products, since customers often recommend them to others.

Final Verdict

Since the ZBoard is currently undergoing a huge redesign, you may want to hold off on this purchase. They may be able to address some of the problems of their first eboard, but we won’t know until people start to use them.

For this reason, it is not recommended that you buy this one just yet. If you want to get a quality skateboard that will do all the fun things you want it to do, the suggestions mentioned above are your best bet. They are some of the most widely used products, which don’t have a lot of problems overall, as long as you stick to city streets. You should not use them on grass or wet areas, and you also should not do tricks with them.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that although the ZBoard doesn’t have very many happy customers at this time, their board is unique and employs a solid plan. It has features that are pretty cool, like the fact that it’s lightweight and has a handle so you can take it anywhere you want.

Furthermore, since it doesn’t have a remote, you don’t have to worry about holding something in your hand and using it when you want to increase or decrease your speed. However, that means that some of the personalization that you may want in a ride is also gone. Only time will tell if ZBoard will be able to build a successful e-board, one that is worthy of being up against some of the greats. Until then, there are many other electric longboards to choose from.

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