Munkyboards SK-1200BL Review

When you’re looking for a product to fit your needs just right, there is more to sift through than if a product is the best in its class. You also need to determine if it’s a company you want to do business with, and if they care whether or not you buy their product.

When you find a company that values you and also makes a good product, it’s really a no brainer on if you want to purchase one of their items, especially when it happens to be something as cool and useful as an electric skateboard.

Munkyboards is a business that seems to value customers of all kinds, and also wants to make sure that you don’t regret buying something from them. One of their top models is the SK-1200BL board, which boasts some features that are sure to impress.

NOTE* This product was discontinued. Click bellow to check other Electric Skateboard.


  • Large tires roll over rough terrain
  • Remote control


  • Mixed reviews from customers
  • Expensive

Specifications and Features

munkyboards offroad electric skateboard

Here are some of the top features for the most powerful skateboard that Munkyboards makes.

  • Cool retro design. The board has a design that gives off a retro vibe because of the colorful paint on top and the heavy-duty wheels. This is definitely a skateboard you won’t mind being seen on.
  • Powerful 1200-watt motor. The motor itself is very powerful due to the wattage, and the fact that it is 36 volts. This is pretty powerful, and is actually one of the most powerful motors you can find on a motorized skateboard.
  • All terrain rubber tires. The tires on this item are rubber and designed to go on different types of terrains. That means you should be able to go other places besides the street and on sidewalks.
  • Strong batteries. There is a very mighty lithium ion battery that powers this whole device. Some other boards don’t have this type of technology in their batteries, and they don’t perform as well either.
  • Maple deck. The deck is maple and is very light in color. Many different board brands use maple because it’s strong, but also has a little bit of give to it, which offers you an experience that is comfortable.
  • Bluetooth remote control. The whole device is powered through a Bluetooth remote control. It lets you determine what speed you want to go and it even has an LED flashlight, so you can be seen in the dark and locate your remote at all times.
  • Goes fast. This board can reach up to 20 MPH if it’s set to go at top speed. However, that is very fast, so you may want to travel using the lower speed if you aren’t a pro at riding this type of device or you don’t have any previous skateboarding experience. Furthermore, using the lower speed will allow you to use the device for a farther distance.
  • Capable of long distances. You can travel up to 20 miles without having to charge this board. However, results vary greatly depending on your speed, the terrain, and the size of the rider.
  • Reasonable charge time. When it does need a charge, you can recharge it fully in around 4 hours. This isn’t much downtime, so you can remember to charge it every night when you go to sleep and by the time you wake up, you’ll be set.

The Good

  • All Terrain - Since it can be used on different terrains, there are few limitations, meaning you can fit in a ride pretty much wherever you want to.
  • Capacity - It’s also able to accommodate riders of many sizes, even if you’re very tall or weigh around 200 pounds. This one is rated to be able to hold up to 275 pounds. You don’t have to worry that it isn’t powerful enough because it has enough power to get the job done.
  • Customer Service. While there are many people who love this skateboard, there are others that have had problems with it. Surprisingly, the owners of Munkyboards contact their unsatisfied customers directly when they are made aware of a problem. They also do everything they can to make sure they can help you troubleshoot the issues you are having, so that you can start having fun on your skateboard again. There’s absolutely no reason to own this hip electronic device if you aren’t able to use it.
  • Warranty - Each board comes with a 90-day warranty, which is plenty of time to know if you like the product or not. If it ends up being too much for you, there are less powerful models to take advantage of, and even if you merely get your money back, the manufacturer will still do what it takes to make sure you were satisfied with their return policies.
  • Reviews. Customers love the fact that it’s a very powerful machine and it can actually go as fast and as far as it says it can go. They also like that you can take it off road and report that it rides perfectly in the sand.

The Bad

  • It's Heavy - This board weighs around 60 pounds, so it’s obviously not good if you need to be moving around constantly with it. However, that is acceptable when you see what this one can do. The heavy duty wheels and battery are responsible for much of the weight, and without these two things, the board would hardly be worth looking at. This is why it’s recommended that you consider using the board to run errands, go on short rides, or simply take it in your car if you plan on riding it somewhere else. If you don’t have far to go for your job, you may even consider using it as your mode of transportation when you’re commuting.
  • Expensive - This eboard is not cheap, coming in at a little over $700.

Is The Munkboads Right For Me?

Best Suited for…

People looking for a long lasting, durable product that will last for years in any climate​

Not So Great for…

For small families, who will struggle to fill it, or those with limited space, as it takes up quite a lot of room.

The Final Verdict

This board and this company are recommended for many different reasons. As far as the board goes, it can go wherever you want it to go, it travels fast, it goes far, and it charges easily and quickly. The strong wheels and deck make it a workhorse, and the remote is straightforward to use and you can find it in the dark.

Since it has different speeds, anyone can use it, even if you don’t have any training in skateboarding, but the real fun comes in when you are able to use it at its top speed of 20MPH. That is pretty close to the speed limit for some residential neighborhoods, so it can be scary at first. Just keep practicing until you’re confident that you have the right skills to go anywhere you need to go on your new toy, and make sure you stop and let people talk to you about it.

Many board companies ignore their customers and the issues that people tell them about, so when someone doesn’t, it is a breath of fresh air. This becomes even more important when they make a product that works well, is super fun to use, and is more sophisticated than most of its competitors. All of these things really lay the foundation for a product that deserves some serious consideration by you.

NOTE* This product was discontinued. Click bellow to check other Electric Skateboard.

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