eGlide Electric Skateboards Review

No two electronic skateboards are the same, but some models may only be a little bit different than other models.

However, when you find a company making something that is seemingly light years ahead of its competitors, you have to stop and take notice. That is exactly what E-Glide is doing.

Their boards are made from aluminum, not wood, so that you’re getting something that is super durable and different than many other boards. They make two popular models that will get you where you need to go.


Here is some important information on the company and their line of powered longboard.

About the Company eGlide

E-Glide has been around for over 10 years and still takes the time to make each of their boards by hand. Due to their unique locations, they are able to use aerospace grade technology to make their boards, which is why they’re made of high quality aluminum. This isn’t done by other brands, and it offers something really special. For one, it makes the skateboard that much more sturdy, and secondly, it makes it fun to ride as well.

Since they have been in business for quite a while, they know how to handle customer’s needs. They are around to contact at all times if you have a problem or need any assistance. They are also available and want to help you be able to repair your products all the time. Most companies sell you a product and then they are unable to be contacted or bothered if you encounter any issues. At E-Glide, not only can you call them, you can also order parts directly from them. Furthermore, their boards are easy to maintain and repair, so you aren’t forced to go to a special shop to get your board fixed. You should be able to make the repairs yourself, so you can always have a top notch and functional product.

Furthermore, the company prides itself on selling a product that can be used in many more places than your average electric skateboard. This includes different types of terrains, like areas with snow and sand. These boards are so rugged, that they are able to take you places that other boards simply won’t go. Here is a rundown of the two types of boards they make, along with their major features.

GT Model

The GT model is the top seller that the company makes. The product comes in standard aluminum or black anodized aluminum, both of which look industrial and strong. Here are the most exciting features.


  • It’s fast. Not only can this board go up to 23 MPH, but it’s also the fastest accelerating board you will find. Additionally, it has more torque, so it’s powerful enough to take you to many different places quickly.
  • Long deck. This board has a longer deck than most, at 45 inches long. It also has a unique design that makes sure you’re in the correct position to be able to stay on the board without falling off when it starts to go fast. Even at top speed, you will still be safe on this one.
  • Travels a long way. You can potentially ride for 15 miles before you’ll have to charge this board. That is a long way, so this is a great model for people who live in the city and can easily get a lot done without using a car. This gadget can get you to all the same places and you won’t get in trouble for driving on the sidewalks.
  • Can handle almost any terrain. Instead of only being able to work on concrete or sidewalks, this one is also able to navigate through grass, dirt, and even some sand. You also don’t have to worry about rough patches of road or broken pavement due to the fact that it can traverse these things as well because of the speed at which it is able to travel.
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AT Model

The AT board is an even more powerful electric skateboard. It also has a variety of features that are exciting to enthusiasts.


  • Powerful braking. The brakes on this board are very powerful, which will not only help you stop efficiently, but will also make sure that if you’re going downhill, you won’t travel so fast that it becomes dangerous.
  • Can go on virtually any terrain. This is called the AT or all-terrain model for a reason. There really isn’t any place that you can’t drive this board. Some users say they only drive it off road and it works just fine.
  • High-grade electronics. The electronic components on this product are what make it so powerful and smart. They are high grade and are designed to not give you any problems or extra headaches.
  • Long range. Like its counterpart, this one can also travel around 15 miles before it needs a charge. This is a long way to be able to go, especially when you can travel there in a hurry.
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What’s The Difference?

Although these boards are quite similar, there are a few differences between the two types of boards. However, both are very high quality, and are both great purchases if you’re in the market for an electric skateboard.

  • Weight. The GT model is around 20 pounds lighter than the AT model. This makes both of them very heavy, so you will need to take precautions in order to keep from having to carry it around much. However, it’s a perfect size to put in your car if you’re going somewhere you know will be great for skateboarding, and saves you from having to do any heavy lifting.
  • Tires. The tires on the GT model are 9 inch Kenda tires, which is already a legendary brand due to their quality. However, the AT model has 10 inch Kenda tires, which are also graded for high performance. This is one of the reasons that the AT can travel over so many terrains and do it so efficiently.
  • Terrain. Although the GT can go on nearly any terrain you would encounter in the city, the AT can go on even more types of terrain. According to E-Glide, it’s able to travel just about anywhere without giving you problems.
  • Speed. The AT is able to go about 1 MPH faster than the GT, which isn’t a big difference, but it does mean that it has the capability to get you somewhere just a little bit faster.
  • Deck. On the AT, the deck is around 2 inches longer, so you can stand in just the right spot to accommodate the extra speed and power.

Both boards are designed to help you stay comfortable and safe even when you’re traveling as fast as it can go.


These are some of the most powerful electric skateboards you can buy, so you should be especially careful with them. Just because they are able to navigate different terrains doesn’t mean that’s what you have to use them for. These boards work great on pavement and asphalt as well, so even if you only want to ride it in your neighborhood, you’ll still have a great time using it. Besides that, you’ll be able to ride longer and faster if you’re traveling on a flat surface.

Furthermore, if you do get one of these boards to use somewhere that is unique, you should make sure you do a lot of practicing first. You wouldn’t want to wipe out on wet grass or in a sandy field miles away from home. It’s more beneficial to know the whole process so you can make sure that every ride is memorable.

Always remember to wear a helmet and any other protection you want to wear when you’re using this type of board, so you can lessen the chance of injury in case you fall off or run into something.

Final Verdict

E-Glide boards are really impressive because they are so powerful. They are able to go at high speeds for a long time, and are made of really impressive construction materials. The fact that the decks are aluminum means they will hold up quite well for a long time and the tires offer a smooth ride on so many different surfaces. In fact, the tires themselves are revered by many skateboarders, and are worth a lot of money on their own. The AT model has also been used in so many places that it doesn’t even seem like the product has any limitations.

On the flip side, both of these boards are very heavy, so carrying them around is out of the question, but users of the products love them and report that they use them in different situations all the time with no problems. This is something that is unique amongst this type of product. Of course, if you ever do have a problem, all you have to do is get on the phone with the manufacturer and they can give you some guidance. That is some great customer service on a great product.

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