Atom Longboards Atom Electric H.6 Longboard Skateboard 600W Hub Motor 79Wh Li-Ion Battery

Skateboarding is both a lifestyle and a passion. As a premium skateboard brand, Atom products represent some of the best quality available for today’s enthusiasts. Its designers are experienced riders in their own rights; they understand when to cut corners to save the customer a little cash, and they know where they absolutely can’t afford to skimp on detail. The result is a product which blends high quality and affordability, to the buyer’s all-around benefit.

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  • Light, compact hub motor
  • Safe, high-performance batteries
  • Regenerative braking
  • USB charging port


  • Pricing may be unfriendly to beginners
  • Unstable USB cap
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Replacement batteries unavailable

Specifications and Features



Top Speed

Varies with terrain; est. 15-20 mph


Varies with speed, terrain; est. 6-7 miles

Charging Time

Approximately 60 minutes


10 lbs./36” x 10.5” x 5”


600W Hub motor


79Wh Li-Ion Battery

Max. Carry Weight

220 lbs. (recommended)


Resistant only

A side angle of the Falcon electric longboard

What Makes the Atom Electric H.6 Longboard Unique?

Atom’s boards feature regenerative breaking, an as-yet uncommon feature in electric longboards which is quickly gaining in popularity. In addition to being safe and reliable, the braking action of the Atom Electric series charges the board’s battery power, allowing its riders to go the distance with greater ease and efficiency.

Combined with the best lithium-ion batteries on the market and a flexible, high-speed charging system, this feature keeps Atom electric longboard riders powered for longer, at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Terrain and speed will affect the board’s range, but a single charge is good for an average ride of 6-7 miles.

The Atom Electric H.6 uses advanced FOC, or “field oriented control” software. This innovative approach to electric skateboard control (ESC) software design ensures even performance, with the smoothest ride available on today’s market. On an FOC-equipped board, the rider will have the sense of a traditional skateboard’s sleek control—but with additional power behind it.

A side angle of the Falcon electric longboard

The Good

  • Light, compact motor: Hub motors are unobtrusive, concealed within the wheels of the board. This provides several benefits, not the least of which is the board’s smooth and even ride. The hub motor is one of the key contributing factors to the board’s smooth acceleration and braking, resulting in the feel of a normal longboard coupled with the power of an electric motor. The hub model also ensures a smooth, sleek appearance, while delivering better performance than older, more visible motors.
  • The best batteries: The battery performance of the included li-ion cells is the best available, and Atom uses only the most heavily certified of safe batteries. Their own rigorous quality control tests batteries at their peak rates (peak charge, and peak discharge) before any installation. This is one of those areas where the rider’s personal safety demands that no corners be cut.
  • Regenerative braking: Regenerative braking lengthens the range of the board by allowing its braking action to charge the li-ion cells that give it power. This longboard is lightweight and durable, and easily capable of being handled in the style of a traditional longboard, but having that extra kick in the power department can really help to take the edge off a long ride.
  • USB Port: The modern world is bracing itself for the Internet of Things (IoT), an ever-increasing number of internet-compatible devices. Charging ports are available in a wide range of public locations. Atom’s included USB port allows for more convenient recharging options, without having to head on home.

The Bad

  • Competitively priced: How can this possibly be a bad thing? In itself, it’s not. The Atom Electric H.6 longboard is affordably priced for electric longboarding enthusiasts, balancing the considerable quality which might otherwise make this an excellent board for beginners. However, it’s not the most affordable electric longboard around, particularly when purchased new (which is highly recommended).
  • USB cap: Some buyers have reported issues with the USB port’s cap coming loose and being lost, whether during or prior to its use. This presents a potential inconvenience, in terms of keeping the port open and dirt-free. Aesthetically, it also spoils some of the effect of the longboard’s overall sleek and stylish appearance.
  • Water-resistant: The board is tightly sealed, but is not technically waterproof by wide-ranging industrial standards. This means that it may not be the most suitable ride for all weather conditions, or for off-roading. Atom’s electric longboards are at their best on dry, paved surfaces, though they are capable of handling other terrain with a slight reduction in performance.
  • No replacement batteries: This board uses some of the best high-performance batteries on the market, more familiar from the world of high-tech computers and other high-end electronics. However, Atom does not offer replacement batteries as of this writing. The feature is slated for future development.

Is The Atom Electric H.6 Right For Me?

The Atom Electric H.6 longboard skateboard is an excellent electric longboard for enthusiasts. It is beginner-friendly, if you’ve got that kind of money to drop on something you might not be sticking with forever; rest assured that every penny spent is crucial to the level of performance on which the board delivers.

It’s good for long trips on paved surfaces, and it features a solid top speed of about 20 miles per hour. It’s capable of handling rough terrain, and will function in damp climates, but riders should be careful regarding the rigors to which they expose the board on a regular basis.

Best Suited for…

This board is ideally suited for the dedicated longboarding enthusiast.

Not So Great for…

It’s no beater, and it will require basic care and maintenance, but it looks terrific and is very highly functional.

The Final Verdict

The Atom Electric H.6 is a high-quality, affordably-priced board with a wealth of advanced and innovative features, which lend themselves excellently well to both safety and performance. The board’s pros far outweigh its cons. Its light weight and flexible charging options make it one of the most convenient boards available today, and with simple and basic care it will last through years of frequent years.

NOTE* This product was discontinued. Click bellow to check other Electric Skateboard.

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