Altered Fantom Electric Skateboard Review

With all the different boards available, it may be hard to decide which one will be the best electric skateboard for you. What is even more confusing is figuring out what type of board you would feel comfortable letting your child use.

The truth is, there are many boards created especially for children or the smallest of boarders. One great item is the Altered Fantom electric skateboard. It has lots of cool features and is designed to be easy for children to use.

NOTE* This product was discontinued. Click bellow to check other Electric Skateboard.


  • 10mph top speed
  • 40 minute ride time


  • 100w motor isn't that strong, but works
  • 120 weight capacity not ideal for adults

Specifications and Features

Since this board can only be used up to 40 minutes at a time, you have to schedule your trips, so you’ll be able to ride round trip without losing your entire battery life. Of course, this one can be operated like a regular skateboard when it doesn’t have any juice.

That isn’t exactly what it was designed to do, so you won’t want to run the risk of messing it up or causing it to work improperly next time you want to use it. That is why it’s a good idea to make sure that you don’t go more than 20 minutes from your house whenever you are using this board.

Altered Fantom Electric Skateboard

One of the main things that sets this board apart from some of its competitors is that you can easily pick it out of a lineup. This is because of its unique appearance. It has a solid 7-ply maple deck, which is strong and is also painted bright red.

You absolutely don’t have to worry about losing it in some bush—it will be easy to spot nearly anywhere. There are also strong poured polyurethane wheels that are quite durable. They are black in color and match the strong grip tape that is on top of the deck.

The Good

  • Goes up to 10 MPH. It is able to go up to 10 MPH, meaning it can go at a good speed, especially for a small child. At the same time, this isn’t too fast for you to keep up with if you are right there with them when they are using this board—you won’t lose sight of them.
  • Smooth belts. The smooth belts that this device has means that it doesn’t make a lot of noise when you’re riding it, or even when you need to use the brakes. This allows for a smoother ride that is also comfortable and not too stiff.
  • Special remote. There is a handy white remote that comes with this board. Since it’s white and the board is red and black, you will still be able to find this handheld device rather well. The purpose of it is for operating the acceleration and brakes, so you have virtually everything you need in the palm of your hand.
  • Easy to turn. The trucks used on the product allow for better turning, so little drivers will be able to handle it well. There is also a kick tail at the back of the board, so you can have better control over it when you ride.
  • Can ride for 40 minutes. The powerful battery allows for you to ride it for up to 40 minutes without having to charge it. After that, you will need to go ahead and let it charge for quite a while before you use it again.

The Bad

  • 100w motor. This motor is moderately strong and works well. It is powerful enough to allow for different speeds and braking. However, if you are looking for serious power, don't get this board. The Boosted Board would be a much better choice.
  • Weight Capacity. The board only supports a weight capacity up to 120 pounds, which limits it to small adults and children.

Is The Altered Fantom Right For Me?

Best Suited for…

People looking for an affordable, entry level electric skateboard that is reliable and fun

Not So Great for…

People who want a fast, high-performance electric longboard. This board is slow with a weak motor

The Final Verdict

This is a board that you don’t have to worry about giving to your kids. It is more powerful than some other children’s electric boards, but it doesn’t go so fast that it’ll make you uncomfortable.

It also has several other features that make it safe and easy for kids to use, so they can be pros on this board in no time. These include things like a kick tail, specially designed trucks, and a remote that is simple to understand and use. In fact, it is so easy that most children will be able to learn how to ride it in minutes.

On the flip side, it isn’t designed to be used for tricks, so you will need another board if your kid is into doing flips, ollies, and other things like that. However, this one can get you wherever you need to go, as long as you make sure you don’t go too far and keep it charged properly. It’s one of the top electric skateboards for kids because of its versatility and the unique appearance of it. It will also be able to last a long time when it’s handled properly, meaning it could be used in your family for quite a while.

If the whole process still makes you uncomfortable, there’s no need for alarm. As long as your child has the proper safety equipment on, especially a helmet, they should be okay. To ensure this, you can help give them a crash course on where it’s safest to drive the board and what to stay away from. For example, they need to know not to try to drive on grass or sand, and to stick to pavement, concrete, and asphalt for the most part.

Other than that, you can simply watch them at all times or allow an older sibling to keep an eye on them. This will ensure that there’s someone there if an accident takes place or someone to help if the board malfunctions in any way. If it does, all you have to do is visit the Altered website for more information and informative videos on how to use the board, which may be able to help you determine what needs to be done to get the board working properly again.

NOTE* This product was discontinued. Click bellow to check other Electric Skateboard.

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