Acton Blink Lite Review – Truly the World’s Lightest Hub-Motor Electric Skateboard

The time for regular skateboards seems to be something of the past. Today, everything is electric, and everything has to be ‘smart’. However, while there is clearly a demand for this, the problem is that this type of technology can weigh a lot.

In comes the Acton Blink Lite that promises to be the world’s lightest hub-motor electric skateboard. Let us take a look if this is mere hype.


  • Cool design
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Excellent safety features


  • Limited range, speed, and torque
  • You cannot swap the battery
  • Board can be somewhat stiff
  • Small wheels mean you can get stuck in cracks and on rocks

Specifications and Features

Acton Blink Lite skateboard

The Acton Blink Lite is marketed as the world’s lightest electrical smart skateboard. It is fitted with a lithium ion battery, and the wheels hold the hub motor. A single charge allows you to run the skateboard for five miles, traveling at 10mph. This is, therefore, the perfect board for a bit of cruising, or even going to school or work.



Top Speed

10 mph


5 miles

Charging Time

2 hours


7.7 lbs


70 mm

Rider Capacity

180 lbs

Hill climbing

4.6 degrees or 8% grade

The skateboard truly is super lightweight, at just 7.7lbs. No other electric longboard has been able to deliver that kind of lightness. Yet, despite its light weight, it has all the features that you would expect from an eboard. Thanks to the hub motor, the product is easy to use and comfortable to ride. And, when the battery runs out, it can simply be used as a longboard.

Some other cool features include the fact that it comes with integrated light strips, making the rider a lot more visible and therefore safer. It also has regenerative braking, which is safer and uses less power. In fact, the battery charges itself up a little every time you use the brakes. Plus, it comes with smart features by linking it to the Acton app, which is available on both iOS and Android. This allows users to track their rides and to build a community with other Acton users.

Our Average Rating:
3.7 out of 5 stars

The Good

  • It has a fantastic design, with an old school, 80s look. The nose and tail are uniquely shaped, with a larger tail. The neon wheels provide the finishing touch.
  • It doesn’t cost the earth, with the price being $249 at the time of this writing. This makes it a perfect birthday or graduation gift as well.
  • Because it is so lightweight, it is also highly portable. You can strap it to a backpack or carry it under the arm with ease.
  • It performs amazingly with a 5 mile range. Plus, a top speed of 10mph is quite impressive. No, it isn’t as much as what other boards can offer, but other boards are also a whole lot costlier.
  • It comes with a user friendly wireless remote made from soft touch material to provide a non-slip grip.
  • Acceleration is really smooth thanks to the new hub motor, as this has low resistance and offers quiet, long cruises.
  • The Acton app is really cool as it allows you to monitor your board. Plus, you can connect with other users.
  • If the battery goes flat, you can still ride your board as a traditional longboard. This means you will never get stuck.
  • It is very easy to reverse the board, thanks to the reverse button. This enables you to do some pretty cool tricks.
  • Because it has a hub motor, there is no belt in the board. The consequence of this is that you don’t have any maintenance costs for the motor. It also significantly increases its overall lifespan.
  • Because the board only goes 10mph tops and because it is so light, it is the perfect board for children.
  • It only takes two hours to charge the electronic skateboard.
  • Regenerative braking makes the board a lot safer, while also conserving battery power. Every time you brake, the battery charges a little bit. In fact, the overall power consumption of the board is really good.

The Bad

  • Size - The fact that it has a dual capacity is really useful. However, it is such a large capacity that it is not suitable for smaller households or families. This is a shame, since many smaller homes would also enjoy the benefit of a dual drum.
  • The range and speed could be increased a little, albeit probably not at the current price tag.
  • The torque isn’t superb, which is due to the fact that the board uses a hub motor rather than a belt. Climbing hills, therefore, can be somewhat difficult.
  • Braking is quite abrupt, which is something that you need to get used to.
  • You can’t swap the batteries. With many boards, you can purchase spare batteries so that you can extend your range. That isn’t possible with this particular motorized skateboard.
  • Because the wheels are just 70 mm in diameter, you can get stuck on cracks and rocks on the road, which can cause you to fall.
  • The ride is a bit rigid and stiff, as it is a long board. Long boards are not very good at absorbing vibrations, and this can get somewhat uncomfortable.

Is The Acton Right For Me?

Best Suited for…

Middle school and high school students

Not So Great for…

Those wanting to go on long rides and those riding on actual roads.

The Final Verdict

A side angle of the Falcon electric longboard

If you are considering what to get your middle school or high school child as a birthday present, special treat, or any other reason, then the Acton Blink Lite may just be the perfect option. This board is very lightweight, which means children can easily carry it with them wherever they go, rather than leaving it behind somewhere where it could be stolen.

It comes with some excellent features, including the Acton app, which allows riders to monitor their journey and connect with others. It also only takes two hours to charge the board up and, should they run out of juice while on their way, they can use it as a regular board instead.

One of the key reasons why parents enjoy this board is because it has very important safety features. These include the strip lights on the board, which make the rider more visible, even during the day. Additionally, it has regenerative braking, which is also a lot safer. While this board certainly isn’t perfect and perhaps even unsuitable for people who

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